Hullin, Chapter Three, Mishnah Three



Today’s mishnah lists what defects render a bird a terefah.


Mishnah Three

The following [defects] render birds terefah:

1)      If the esophagus was pierced,

2)      If the windpipe was severed;

3)      If a weasel struck [the bird] on the head in such a place as would render it terefah.

4)      If the gizzard was pierced

5)      If the intestines were pierced.

6)      If it fell into the fire and its innards were scorched:

a)      If they turned green, it is invalid,

b)      But if they remained red it is valid.

7)      If one trod upon it or knocked it against a wall or if an animal trampled upon it, and it still jerks its limbs, and it remained alive after this for twenty-four hours, and it was thereafter slaughtered, it is valid.



Sections 1-2: These are the same signs that render cattle terefot.

Section three: If a weasel (or any other animal) strikes the bird on a spot on its head in such a manner that we would need be concerned that the brain membrane was pierced, then it is a terefah.

Section six:  If the innards turn green (gangrene?), that is a sign that the bird is going to die. If they remain red, the color that they were before the bird was burned, then the bird is not a terefah.

Section seven: If after having been struck in some manner the bird begins to jerk its limbs, it must live for another twenty-four hours before we can be sure that it would not have died from the blow. If it is slaughtered before 24 hours are up, then the bird is a terefah.