Kelim, Chapter Ten, Mishnah Three


Mishnah Three

1)      A stopper of a jar that is loose but does not fall out:

a)      Rabbi Judah says: it protects.

b)      But the sages say: it does not protect.

2)      If its finger-hold was sunk within the jar and a sheretz was in it, the jar becomes unclean.

a)      If the sheretz was in the jar, any food in it, become unclean.




Section one: According to Rabbi Judah, although the stopper is loose in its place, it still protects the jar from becoming impure. The sages disagree.

Section two:  The finger-hold is the depression within the stopper used to get a grip on the stopper and pull it out. If there was a sheretz in this finger-hold and it was sunk within the jar, then the jar is unclean. The finger-hold does not count as sealing the jar, even though the stopper does. Similarly, if the sheretz was in the jar and the finger-hold was sunk into the jar and there was food in the finger-hold, the food is impure. Put simply, the finger-hold does not protect from impurity.