Kelim, Chapter Twelve, Mishnah Three


Mishnah Three

1)      The metal cover of a basket of householders:

a)      Rabban Gamaliel says: it is susceptible to impurity,  

b)      The sages say that it is clean.

2)      But that of physicians is susceptible to impurity.

3)      The door of a cupboard of householders is clean but that of physicians is susceptible to impurity.

4)      Tongs are susceptible to impurity but stove-tongs are clean.

5)      The scorpion [-shaped] hook in an olive-press is susceptible to impurity but the hooks for the walls are clean.  



Section one: According to Rabban Gamaliel, the cover of the basket is itself considered a vessel and therefore it is susceptible to impurity, even separate from the basket. The other sages hold that the cover is not a vessel, and therefore it is not susceptible.

Section two: Since physicians would make use of the cover of a basket, it has the status of a vessel and it can become impure.

Section three: Since the cupboard is not susceptible to impurity, its door is not either. However, physicians would use the door of their cupboard, draping the bandage over it before applying it to their patient. Therefore, it is susceptible.

Section four: Metal tongs used to lift a hot pan off a stove and empty their contents elsewhere are susceptible to impurity. But tongs that come attached to the stove are not susceptible because they are considered to be attached to the ground.

Section five: The scorpion-shaped hook is susceptible because it is attached to the beams used in the olive-press. However, the hooks which are attached to the wall of the olive-press are not susceptible because the wall itself is not susceptible.