Kelim, Chapter Seventeen, Mishnah Two


Mishnah Two

1)      A skin bottle [becomes clean if the holes in it are of] a size through which warp-stoppers [can fall out].

2)      If a warp-stopper cannot be held in, but it can still hold a woof-stopper it remains unclean.     

3)      A dish holder that cannot hold dishes but can still hold trays remains unclean.    

4)      A chamber- pot that cannot hold liquids but can still hold excrements remains unclean.     

5)      Rabban Gamaliel rules that it is clean since people do not usually keep one that is in such a condition. 



Section one: The warp-stopper is smaller than the woof-stopper. According to the opinion in this section, if the smaller stopper can fall out, the skin-bottle is impure.

Section two: Albeck explains that this section, and sections two through four, are all the opinion of the sages who disagree with Rabban Gamaliel, whose opinion is in section one. The sages hold that as long as the skin can hold the larger woof-stopper it is usable and remains unclean.

Sections three and four: This is a continuation of the sages’ opinion. The sages hold that as long as the original vessel can hold something similar to that which it was designated to hold, or one of the things that it was designated to hold, the vessel is still unclean.

Section five: Rabban Gamaliel disagrees and holds that since people generally discard such things, they are no longer unclean. This accords with what Albeck ascribes to him in section one.