Kelim, Chapter Seventeen, Mishnah Three


Mishnah Three

1)      Bread-baskets [become clean if] the size [of their hole is such] that loaves of bread [would fall through].

2)     Papyrus frames through into which reeds were inserted from the bottom upwards to strengthen them, are clean.   

a)      If he fixed walls to it, they are susceptible to impurity.

b)      Rabbi Shimon says: if it cannot be lifted up by these walls it is clean.



Section one: This section continues the list found in yesterday’s mishnah.

Section two: These vessels were made of weak papyrus and then reeds were inserted into the frame in order to strengthen them. The vessel is still clean because it is not considered to have a receptacle. The reeds don’t seem to have been strong enough to really make it useful.

However, if he fixes walls for them, then they are susceptible to impurity because they are strong enough to be considered vessels.

Rabbi Shimon says that the walls must be strong enough that the vessel can be lifted by them. Otherwise it is not considered a vessel and it is clean.