Kelim, Chapter Nineteen, Mishnah Eight



Just a warning—this mishnah might make you chuckle a bit.


Mishnah Eight

1)      If a shepherd’s bag was damaged, the pocket within it retains its uncleanness and is not regarded as a connected to it.

2)      A skin whose testicle bags serve also as receptacles and they were damaged, they become clean, since they will no longer serve their original purpose.



Section one: A shepherd’s bag which is made of leather has pockets in it to store things. If the bag is damaged, the larger bag is pure, but the smaller pockets retain their impurity because they are still usable.

Section two: Evidently, they would make skins for holding wine that would also have pouches made from the testicles of the animal. They would do this by skinning the animal complete from head to legs. This would leave the testicles intact and usable for storing liquids. If the testicle bags are damaged they become clean because they can’t be used to store liquids, which is the normal way in which they are used. Even if they can still be used for some other purpose, since they can’t be used in their normal way, they are clean.

I bet you wish you had a bag like this. It would definitely be the talk of the town!