Kelim, Chapter Two, Mishnah Eight


Mishnah Eight

1)      A torch is susceptible to impurity.

2)      And the reservoir of a lamp contracts impurity through its air- space.  

3)      The comb of a tzartzur:

a)      Rabbi Eliezer says: it is not susceptible to impurity,  

b)      But the sages say that it is susceptible.



Section one: A torch made of earthenware has a receptacle and is therefore susceptible to impurity.

Section two: The reservoir of an earthenware lamp is considered a “receptacle” and therefore if something defiling comes within its airspace, it is defiled.

Section three: A tzartzur is some sort of bottle whose mouth is covered with netting made of earthenware. Around the mouth are teeth that look like those of a comb. Rabbi Eliezer holds that if impurity goes into the airspace of the comb, the comb is not defiled. But the sages hold that this area is considered a receptacle, and the comb can therefore be defiled.