Kelim, Chapter Twenty-Two, Mishnah Two


Mishnah Two

1)      A table one of whose legs was removed is clean.  

2)      If a second leg was removed it is still clean.

a)      But if a third was removed it becomes unclean where the owner has the intention of using it.    

3)      Rabbi Yose says: no intention is necessary.    

4)      The same law applies also to the side-board.



Section one: If one of a three-legged table’s legs is removed, it is no longer functional and therefore it is clean.

Section two: If the second leg is removed it is still clean, because it can still not be used. However, if the third leg is removed, then all that remains is a board. If he intends to use the board without the legs, then it becomes susceptible to impurity.

Section three: Rabbi Yose says that since the board can be used, it is automatically susceptible to impurity. He need not even intend to use it.

Section four: The same debate occurs in reference to a side-board (mentioned also in yesterday’s mishnah).