Kelim, Chapter Twenty-Four, Mishnah Eleven


Mishnah Eleven

There are three different types of water skins and three different types of shepherds’ wallets:

1)      Those that can hold the  prescribed quantity  are susceptible to midras uncleanness;

2)      Those that cannot hold the prescribed quantity are susceptible to corpse  uncleanness;

3)      And those made of fish skin are free from all uncleanness.



Section one: In 20:1 we learned that for a water skin to be susceptible to midras impurity it must be capable of holding seven kavs and a shepherds’ wallet must be capable of holding five kavs. If they are of this size, then they are also meant to be sat upon.

Section two: If they are smaller than this size, then they are not meant for sitting. They are still vessels, so they are susceptible to corpse uncleanness.

Section three: Fish skin cannot become impure (see 10:1).