Kelim, Chapter Twenty-Four, Mishnah Twelve


Mishnah Twelve

There are three different types of hides:

1)      That which is used as a rug is susceptible to midras uncleanness;

2)      That which is used as a wrapper for vessels is susceptible to corpse uncleanness;

3)      And that which is intended for straps and sandals is free from all uncleanness.



Section one: An animal hide used as a rug is sat and lain upon. Therefore, it is liable to midras.

Section two: If it is used to wrap vessels, it counts as a vessel because it “contains something.” Therefore, it is susceptible to impurity, just not midras impurity.

Section three: If the hide was made such that straps and sandals can be cut from it, it is not yet a vessel and it is not susceptible to impurity.