Kelim, Chapter Twenty-Six, Mishnah Three



Today’s mishnah deals with various types of protective clothing worn by fruit-pickers.


Mishnah Three

1)      The hand-coverings of thorn-pickers are pure.    

2)      A belt and leg guards are susceptible to uncleanness.

3)      Sleeves are susceptible to uncleanness.

4)      But hand-coverings are pure.

5)      All finger-coverings are pure except that of fig-pickers, since the latter holds the sumac berries.    

a)      If it was torn, if it cannot hold the greater part of a sumac berry it is pure.



Section one: The hand-coverings used by thorn-pickers are simple pieces of leather, not fashioned fully into gloves. Since they do not have a receptacle, they are pure.

Section two: However, their belt or leg-guards are susceptible either because they do have receptacles or because they are considered to be vessels.

Section three: The sleeves referred to here are not attached to a shirt, but are independent. They are susceptible for they are considered vessels, even though they don’t have a receptacle.

Section four: But hand-coverings (these are different from those mentioned in section one) are not susceptible.

Section five: Fruit-pickers would use finger-coverings to protect their fingers while harvesting the fruit. Generally these finger-coverings are simple pieces of leather and are pure. The exception is the finger-coverings used by fig-pickers for they would use these finger-coverings to hold sumac berries.

If the fig-pickers finger-coverings were torn, they could no longer hold berries and they would be pure.