Kelim, Chapter Twenty-Seven, Mishnah Six



In yesterday’s mishnah we learned that a child’s shirt is measured when doubled, meaning that it needs to be three handbreadths square on both sides. Today’s mishnah teaches that there are other pieces of clothing that are measured doubled.


Mishnah Six

1)      The following are measured when doubled:

a)      Felt socks, long stockings, pants, a cap and a money-belt.

2)      As regards a patch sewn on the hem, if it was simple it is measured simple, but if it was doubled it is measured when doubled.     



Section one: All of these articles of clothing are measured “doubled,” meaning they must have three square handbreadths in the front and back for them to be susceptible to impurity.

Section two: If he sewed the patch on one side of the hem, then it is measured “singly” but if he sewed it on two sides, then it is measured doubled.