Kelim, Chapter Twenty-Nine, Mishnah One



Today’s mishnah continues to discuss the strings that hang off a garment and whether they are considered connected to the garment.

For certain garments, only part of the strings are considered as connected to the garment. The reason seems to be that anything longer is going to be removed. Therefore, these parts are not connected. But small amounts of strings that hang out from a garment may be retained, and are therefore considered connected. And with some garments, no matter how long the strings are, they are retained and therefore they are considered connected.

With this in mind, the mishnah is understandable on its own and therefore there is no commentary below. 


Mishnah One

1)      The fringe strings of a sheet, a scarf, a head-wrap and a felt cap [are regarded as connected]  up to a length of six fingerbreadths;   

2)      Those of an undergarment up to ten [fingerbreadths].

3)      The fringes of a thick wool cloak, a veil, a shirt, or a light cloak [are regarded as connected] up to a length of three fingerbreadths.

4)      The fringes of an old woman’s head-wrap, of Arabian face wraps, of Cilician goat’s-hair clothing, of a money-belt, of a turban or of a curtain are  regarded as connected whatever their length may be.