Kelim, Chapter Twenty-Nine, Mishnah Seven



Another mishnah discussing the lengths of shafts. If you’re getting a bit bored with this (and I’m sure you’re not) don’t worry, we are almost done with the tractate!

As with yesterday’s mishnah, I have commented below on the sections that I believe need some extra clarification.


Mishnah Seven

1)      The remnant of the shaft of an ox-goad at its upper end is regarded as connected up to a length of four [handbreadths].

2)      The shaft of a spade, to a length of four [handbreadths].

3)      The shaft of a weeding-spade, to five handbreadths.

4)      The shaft of a small hammer, to five handbreadths.

5)      That of a common hammer, to six handbreadths.

6)      The shaft of an axe used for splitting wood or of one used for digging, to  six [handbreadths].

7)      The shaft of the stone-trimmers’ axe, up to six handbreadths.



Section one: We discussed the ox-goad briefly in 25:2. This shaft seems to work similarly to the shaft of an ax. The mishnah discusses the “remnant” which is the part that sticks upward out of the ox-goad. It is considered connected up to a length of four handbreadths.

I am trying to put a picture in here that I found on the web, but I’m not sure that you will all receive it. If you don’t google “oxgoad” and you should be able to find some pics.