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Ketubot, Daf Kuf Zayin, Part 6
Reading for Friday
, May 19
Ketubot 107-6




This is the conclusion of our sugya about whether a court provides an allowance for a wife whose husband has gone abroad. In other words, does the court sell his property without his permission in order to provide for his wife.


והלכתא כותיה דרב, ופוסקין מזונות לאשת איש.


The law is in agreement with Rav, and they grant an allowance to a married woman.


The court does rule in her favor.


והלכתא כותיה דרב הונא אמר רב, דאמר רב הונא אמר רב: יכולה אשה שתאמר לבעלה איני ניזונת ואיני עושה.


The law is also in agreement with R. Huna who said in the name of Rav, for R. Huna said in the name of Rav: A wife may say to her husband, “I do not want to be maintained by you, and I refuse to do [any work for you].”


This is another related issue that came up during this long sugya. A wife may say to her husband that she wants to provide for herself. She does not want to give her earnings to him, and is okay with not being provided for by him.


והלכתא כותיה דרב זביד בקוניא, דאמר רב זביד: הני מאני דקוניא, חיורי ואוכמי – שרו, ירוקין – אסירי. ולא אמרן אלא דלית בהו קרטופני, אבל אית בהו קרטופני – אסירי.


The law also agrees with R. Zevid with regard to glazed vessels, for R. Zevid said: Glazed vessels: if they are white or black they are permitted, but if green they are forbidden. This, however, applies only to those that have no cracks but if they have cracks they are forbidden. 


It is entirely unclear why this statement is here. The issue is whether glazen vessels will absorb the material cooked or eaten on them. According to R. Zevid, if they are glazed white or black, they do not absorb taste and therefore as long as they are clean, they may be used even though they were earlier used with non-kosher food (or with meat/dairy and now one wants to use the opposite). Vessels glazed green do absorb and therefore are forbidden. However, in all cases, if the vessel is at all cracked, the taste will be absorbed and the vessel is forbidden.

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