Ketubot, Chapter Nine, Mishnah Seven



Most women are able to collect their ketubah without taking an oath that they did not previously collect.  However, some women must first take an oath.  This mishnah lists the category of such women and the following mishnah shall explain it more fully.  Hence I will largely refrain from commenting until tomorrow’s mishnah.


Mishnah Seven

1)                     A woman who impairs her kethubah is not paid except by an oath.  

2)                     If one witness testifies against her that [her kethubah] has been paid, she is not be paid except by an oath.

3)                     From the property of orphans, from property with a lien on it and [from the property of] an husband who is not present she is not paid except by an oath.



Section one:  This refers to a woman who admits that she has already received part of her ketubah.

Section two:  The husband needs two witnesses in order to prove that his wife has already received her ketubah.  One witness is only sufficient to make her swear an oath that she has not.

Section three:  These categories will be explained more fully in tomorrow’s mishnah.