Ketubot, Chapter Six, Mishnah Four



The first part of this mishnah is a continuation of yesterday’s mishnah.  The second part discusses the husband’s obligation to provide his bride with money for perfume.


Mishnah Four

1)                     If a woman agreed to bring him cash, every sela’ counts as six denarii.  

2)                     The bridegroom must accept upon himself [to give his wife] ten denarii for her [perfume] basket for call maneh [which she brings as dowry].  

a)                                 Rabbi Shimon ben Gamaliel said: in all matters the local usage shall be followed.



Section one:  As we learned yesterday, if the wife brings cash as a dowry, her husband must write into the ketubah an amount that is fifty per cent higher than that which she brought.  Since a sela is worth 4 denarii, he writes 6 denarii for every sela.

Section two:  For every maneh (100 denarii) that she brings as dowry, her husband must provide 10 denarii of money for her perfume.  Rabbi Shimon ben Gamaliel disagrees with the setting of an absolute amount.  Rather he holds that local custom dictates how much he must provide for her perfume.