Kiddushin, Chapter Four, Mishnah Two



In yesterday’s mishnah we learned of two genealogical categories which we previously have not encountered:  the foundling and the hushling.  Our mishnah defines these two categories. 


Mishnah Two

1)      These are they: a hushling (shtuki): he who knows who his mother is but not his father;

2)      A foundling (asufi): he who was gathered in from the marketplace and knows neither his father nor his mother.

3)      Abba Saul used to call the hushling (shtuki), “checked one” (b’duki).



Section one:  A shtuki or a hushling is a kid who knows who his mother is, but doesn’t know who his father is.  The word “shtuki” comes from the word for silence.  When you ask the kid who his father is he is quiet because he doesn’t know. 

Section two:  An asufi or a foundling is a kid found in the streets who doesn’t know who his parents are.  The word “asufi” comes from the word to be gathered, because he is gathered in from the streets. 

Section three:  Abba Saul would call the shtuki a b’duki (a checked one).  The different name reflects a different halakhic position. According to Abba Shaul the child’s mother is believed to testify that the father is so-and-so. This is according to Rabban Gamaliel and Rabbi Eliezer in Ketubot 1:8-9.