Kiddushin, Chapter Three, Mishnah Three



This mishnah is quite simple to understand and is nearly the same as yesterday’s mishnah.  I will explain it therefore briefly.


Mishnah Three

1)      [If he says to her “Be betrothed to me] on condition that I own a bet kor of land”,   she is betrothed, providing he does own it.

2)      “On condition that I own it in such and such a place”, if he owns it there she is betrothed, but if not she is not betrothed.

3)      “On condition that I show you a bet kor of land,” she is betrothed, providing that he does show it to her.

a)      But if he shows it to her in a plain, she is not betrothed.



Section one:  A “bet kor” is the amount of land it takes to grow a kor of produce.  In modern terms it is about 17,000 sq. meters, a rather large piece of land.  This clause is nearly the same as section three from yesterday’s mishnah.

Section two:  Land value differs from place to place.  It seems here that the woman wants to know that he owns good land, and not a worthless piece of land.

Section three: This is nearly the same as the final section of yesterday’s mishnah.  Showing it to her in “the plain” means that he shows her land that is not his. This is not what she thought he meant by his “showing her a bet kor.”