Kilayim, Chapter Four, Mishnah Two



In yesterday’s mishnah we learned about two types of empty space within a vineyard—the karahat, found in the middle of the vineyard, and the mehol, found on the sides. In both cases if the empty space is large enough, one can sow seeds there without creating kilayim.

Today’s mishnah explains what a mehol is.


Mishnah Two

1)      What is a mehol in a vineyard? [The space] between the vineyard and a fence.

2)      If there are less than twelve cubits, then one may not bring seed into it.

a)      If there are twelve cubits, they leave a space in which to work [the vineyard] and they may sow the rest.



Section one:  A mehol is an empty patch of ground between the vines and the fence that encloses the vineyard.

Section two:  This is the same rule we saw in yesterday’s mishnah with regard to the karahat, except here the measure is twelve cubits, an area smaller than that necessary for the karahat.  The reason why a smaller area is sufficient for it to be allowed to sow seeds here is that there is a vineyard only on one side—the other side is just a fence.  In contrast, the karahat is surrounded by the vineyard.