Kinim, Chapter Three, Mishnah Three



Up until now, this chapter has discussed cases where two women bring pairs of sacrificial birds; in each case one of each pair is supposed to be offered as a hatat and one as an olah.

In today’s mishnah, one woman brings birds that will all be offered as olot, and the other woman brings birds that will all be offered as hataot. Again, the priest does not ask advice as to what to do with the birds. Rather, he just goes ahead and offers them.


Mishnah Three

1)      If the hatats belonged to one and the olot to another, and the priest offered them all above, then half are valid and half disqualified.  

2)      If he offered them all below, half are valid and half disqualified.

3)      If he offered half of them above and half below, then all of them are disqualified, because I can argue that the hatats were offered above and the olot below. 



Section one: If he offered all of the birds above, obviously half are valid as olot. The other half should have been offered below, as is the rule for hataot, and therefore, they are invalid.

Section two: The same is true if he offers half below—the hataot are valid and the olot are invalid.

Section three: However, if he offered half above and half below, none of the sacrifices is valid, because it is possible that he completely mixed them up, offering the hataot above and the olot below.