Maaser Sheni, Chapter Four, Mishnah Nine



Our mishnah deals with coins that are found and whether we have to be concerned lest they are maaser sheni.


Mishnah Nine

1)      Any money found is considered hullin, even gold dinars with silver and with copper coins.

2)      If a potsherd was found with the money on which was written “tithe” this is considered maaser sheni [money].



Section one: We need not be concerned lest money that is found is maaser sheni money. Since most money is not maaser sheni, we can consider it hullin. Even if coins that are not commonly put together, such as gold, silver and copper, are found together, we need not be concerned that a person gathered together his maaser sheni money.

Section two: The only time we must consider the coins to be maaser sheni is when there is a note with them and it is written on the note, “maaser.” Obviously, in this case the coins must be treated as maaser sheni.