Makhshirin, Chapter Two, Mishnah Two


Mishnah Two

1)      The sweat of an unclean bath is unclean,

2)      But that of a clean bath comes under the law of ‘if water be put’.

3)      If there was a pool in a house, the house sweats because of it—if the pool was unclean, the sweat of all the house which was caused by the pool is unclean.



Section one: The sweat that comes from an unclean bath of water has the same status as the water in the bath. It is unclean. It also causes susceptibility, for unclean liquids always cause susceptibility.

Section two: The sweat of a clean bath is not inherently unclean, but it does cause susceptibility to impurity.

Section three: The purity of the sweat of a house with a pool in it depends upon the purity of the water in the pool. If the pool is unclean, then the sweat is unclean and will cause susceptibility. If the pool is clean, the sweat of the house is considered as coming from the pool and it will cause susceptibility. This is different from general sweat from a house which does not cause susceptibility, as we learned in yesterday’s mishnah.