Makhshirin, Chapter Three, Mishnah Three


Mishnah Three

1)      One who drew hot bread off the side of an oven and put it upon the mouth of a jar of wine:

2)      Rabbi Meir declares it susceptible to uncleanness;  

3)      But Rabbi Judah declares it insusceptible.  

4)      Rabbi Yose declares it insusceptible in the case of wheat bread and susceptible in the case of barley bread, because barley absorbs [liquids].



Section one: The bread mentioned here must be bread that was mixed with fruit juice which does not cause flour to be susceptible to impurity. [If the bread was already susceptible because it had been mixed with water, then this mishnah is not an issue].

Section two: Rabbi Meir says that the hot bread, no matter the kind, will draw wine out of the barrel and therefore it is susceptible to impurity.

Section three: Rabbi Judah says that the bread does not draw off the wine and therefore it is not susceptible.

Section four: Rabbi Yose distinguishes between wheat bread, which is less absorbent and barley bread which is more absorbent. Only the latter is susceptible to impurity.