Makhshirin, Chapter Six, Mishnah Four



Finally, when we’re at last nearing the end of the tractate Makhshirin, the Mishnah lists the liquids that cause susceptibility to impurity. This is the subject of the remainder of the tractate.

I should note that there are various midrashim and explanations as to why some liquids cause impurity whereas others do not.


Mishnah Four

1)      There are seven liquids:   dew, water, wine, oil, blood, milk and bees’ honey.

2)      Hornets’ honey does not cause susceptibility to uncleanness and may be eaten.



Section one: If one of these seven liquids comes into contact with food, it makes the food susceptible to impurity.

Section two: Hornet’s honey is not in the same category as bees’ honey. Only the latter causes susceptibility. However, any honey is kosher—the only kosher food to come from an unkosher animal.