Menahot, Chapter Eleven, Mishnah Two


Mishnah Two

1)      Both the two loaves and the showbread—their kneading and their shaping were performed outside [the Temple Court], and their baking was inside.

2)      And they do not override the Shabbat.  

3)      Rabbi Judah says: all of these were performed inside [the Temple Court].  

4)      Rabbi Shimon says: One should always accustom himself to say, “The two loaves and the showbread were valid whether made in the Temple Court or in Bet Pagi.”



Section one: According to the first opinion, the two loaves and the showbread are to be prepared outside of the Temple and then baked in the Temple.

Section two: Baking these loaves does not override the Shabbat, because they can be done before Shabbat. As we shall see in tomorrow’s mishnah, things override the Shabbat only if they can only be done on Shabbat. If they can be done on another day, then they don’t override the Shabbat.

Section three: Rabbi Judah disagrees with the first opinion, and holds that the kneading and shaping were also performed inside the Temple Court.

Section four: Rabbi Shimon says that it doesn’t matter whether they were baked in the Temple or outside in a place called Bet Pagi, a place where many priests lived.

Rabbi Shimon’s words “one should always accustom himself to say” are quite unusual and I have not found them elsewhere in the Mishnah. They seem to mean that Rabbi Shimon finds this halakhah to be quite important and worthy of memorization, more than other halakhot in the Mishnah. It is unclear why this halakhah is singled out.