Menahot, Chapter Three, Mishnah Four


Mishnah Four

1)      If the remainder of the minhah became unclean or was burnt or lost:

a)      According to the rule of Rabbi Eliezer it is valid [to burn the fistful],

b)      But according to the rule of Rabbi Joshua it is invalid.

2)      If [he did] not [put the fistful] into a ministering vessel it is invalid;

a)      But Rabbi Shimon declares it valid.

3)      If he burnt the handful twice, it is valid.



Section one:  According to Rabbi Eliezer, if the remainder became unclean, was burnt or lost, the handful can still be burned on the altar. However, Rabbi Joshua holds that if the remainder is no longer there or is no longer pure, then the fistful cannot be burned.

Section two: The fistful must be put into a ministering vessel before it is burned. If it is not, it is invalid. Rabbi Shimon disagrees.

Section three: If he divided the fistful into two and burned each half separately, it is still valid.