Mikvaot, Chapter Ten, Mishnah Two


Mishnah Two

1)      A bolster and a cushion of leather—it is necessary that the water enter inside them.  

2)      A round cushion or a ball or a bootmaker’s last or an amulet or a phylactery, it is not necessary that the water enter inside them.

3)      This is the general rule: any article the filling of which is not usually taken out and put in may be immersed unopened.



Section one: This section lists coverings which one regularly puts stuff in and takes stuff out of. Therefore, the insides must be immersed as well as the outsides.

Section two: In contrast, these items have something inside of them which is not customarily removed. Therefore, they do not need to be opened up in order to be immersed.

Section three: This is the general rule that explains the distinction between the items in sections one and two.