Mikvaot, Chapter 2, Mishnah 9

Mikvaot, Chapter Two, Mishnah Nine



This is the final mishnah in the series concerning water that overflowed vessels into a mikveh. Note that in today’s mishnah, Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Joshua do not disagree. This is a sign that Rabbi Eliezer agrees that in this case the water does not count as drawn water.


Mishnah Nine

If one had arranged wine-jars in a cistern and they became filled with water, even though the water of the cistern was all soaked up, they may be broken.



The person put the jars in the cistern so that the walls of the jars would become saturated with water (I guess this is good for the jars). He did not intend for the inside of the jars to be filled up. Even if the water in the cistern completely disappears and all that is left is the water in the jars, the jars may be broken and the water let out into the mikveh. In this case, even Rabbi Eliezer agrees that this water doesn’t count as drawn water.