Nedarim, Chapter Eleven, Mishnah Eight



This mishnah discusses a situation in which a man is under a vow not to provide any benefit to his son-in-law.  The mishnah teaches how the father may give money to his daughter without allowing his son-in-law to receive benefit.

We should note that this mishnah probably more properly belongs in chapter four where the mishnah discussed circumventing vows such as these.  Assumedly, the mishnah is brought in this chapter because it mentions fathers and daughters.


Mishnah Eight

If a man is under a vow that his son-in-law shall not benefit from him, and he wants to give money to his daughter, he must say to her, “This money is given to you as a gift, providing that your husband has no rights with it, [and it is only given to you] so that may put to your personal use.”



If the father wants to give his daughter money he may make a stipulation that the son-in-law should have no rights to the money and that the only use for the money is for the personal use of the daughter.  In this way, the father can circumvent the vow prohibiting his son-in-law from deriving benefit from him.  Were the father not to make such a stipulation, the present would be a transgression of the vow because anything that the wife owns the husband has rights over as well.