Nedarim, Chapter Five, Mishnah Two



This mishnah is a continuation of yesterday’s mishnah.  It again deals with the question of joint ownership of courtyards.


Mishnah Two

If a man from the street was forbidden by vow to benefit from one of them, he may not enter the courtyard.

Rabbi Eliezer ben Jacob says: He can say to him, “I am entering into your friend’s and not into yours.”



Reuven and Shimon share a courtyard.  Levi is prohibited by vow from benefiting from Reuven.  According to the first opinion, Levi may not enter the courtyard, because by doing so, he would be benefiting from Reuven’s property.

Rabbi Eliezer ben Jacob says the same thing which he said in yesterday’s mishnah. Levi can enter the courtyard and tell Reuven that he is not benefiting from his property but rather from Shimon’s.