Negaim, Chapter Eleven, Mishnah Nine


Mishnah Nine

1)      [If a nega] appeared on the standing warp, the already woven cloth remains clean.

a)      If it appeared on the already woven cloth, the standing warp remains clean.

2)      If it appeared on a sheet, he must also burn the fringes.

a)      If it appeared on the fringes the sheet remains clean.

3)      A shirt on which a nega appeared affords protection to its hems, even though they are of purple wool.



Section one: The standing warp refers to the threads that are still on the loom. If the nega appears there, only they are impure—the cloth that has already been woven remains pure. The same is true in the opposite scenario—if the nega appears on the cloth, the warp that is on the loom remains pure.

Section two:  The fringes are the strings that protrude from the sheet. If the nega appears on the sheet, the fringes must be burned along with the sheet. However, the opposite is not true—if the nega appears on the fringes, the sheet remains clean.

Section three: If a shirt is impure because of a nega, the hems that are around the shirt remain clean, even if they are made of purple wool which is susceptible to impurity (although only because it is wool—as we learned earlier, dyed clothing is not susceptible).