Ohalot, Chapter Eleven, Mishnah Five



Our mishnah continues to discuss whether a person overshadowed by a funeral procession brings uncleanness into the house.


Mishnah Five

If a person was lying on the threshold and the funeral procession overshadowed him:

Bet Shammai says: he does bring the uncleanness.  

But Bet Hillel says: he does bring the uncleanness.



The person is lying with part of his body on the threshold, outside of the door, and the rest of his body is in the house. Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel are consistent with the positions they held in the previous mishnayot. Bet Shammai says that the person is not an ohel through which the impurity could be conveyed into the house. Bet Hillel says that a person’s body is considered to be hollow. Therefore, the impurity gets into the ohel formed by his body and from there it enters the house.