Oktzim, Chapter One, Mishnah Five


Mishnah Five

1)      Stalks of all foods that have been threshed on the threshing-floor are clean.

a)      Rabbi Yose declares them unclean.

2)      A sprig of a vine when stripped of its grapes is clean, but if one grape alone is left on it, it is unclean.

a)      A twig of a date-tree stripped of its dates is clean, but if one date remains on it, it is unclean.

b)      Similarly, with beans, if the pods were stripped from the stem it is clean, but if even one pod alone remains, it is unclean.

i)        Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah declares [the stalk] of the broad bean clean, but declares unclean the stalk of other beans, since it is of use when [the pulse] is handled.



Section one: Once produce has been threshed, the edible part has been detached from the stalk. Therefore the stalks no longer serve as handles and they are clean—meaning they are not susceptible to impurity.

Rabbi Yose disagrees and says that they are still susceptible.

Section two: There are three sections here that all basically teach the same thing. Once a grape, date or bean has been removed from that which was holding it, the handle is no longer a handle and it is pure.

Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah agrees with most of these scenarios but disagrees with regard to the stalk of most types of pulse since these are used when the pulse is picked up.