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The Four Sons Of The Haggadah – Introduction To Rabbinic Midrash

Lesson 10 – The Four Sons of the Haggadah Rabbi Mordechai Silverstein The Conservative Yeshiva, Jerusalem Midrash is a crucial element of the Passover Haggadah since the telling of the story of the redemption from Egypt is central to the seder night as we know it. The midrash of the Four Sons is one of […]

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Afikoman – Haggadah And The Seder

Afikoman— – What it Really Means  In this shiur we will trace the development of the concept of “afikoman” from its origins in the tannaitic sources (2nd century C.E.) through their development in the Talmud. There are a lot of interesting phenomenon which occur in the history of this source. First of all, we can […]

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Disgrace And Praise – Haggadah And The Seder

Disgrace And Praise – Haggadah And The Seder There are three places in the Tanakh where we can find an abbreviated retelling of the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Read these three texts, note how they are similar and how they differ. All three of these texts are used in various places in the […]

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Starving At The Seder – Haggadah And The Seder

Starving at the Seder  Introduction There are many strange customs at the seder, but perhaps the strangest and most difficult of them all is the custom to begin the meal with a sprig of parsley and then tell everyone that they will now have to wait a very long time before the real food is […]

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The Three Questions – Haggadah And The Seder

The Mah Nishtanah The Many Lessons It Teaches Us About the Seder 1. Starting the Seder with a Question משנה פסחים י:ג מזגו לו כוס שני, וכאן הבן שואל אביו. ואם אין דעת בבן אביו מלמדו מה נשתנה…ולפי דעתו של בן, אביו מלמדו. מתחיל בגנות ומסיים בשבח, ודורש מארמי אובד אבי עד שיגמור כל הפרשה […]

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Mishnah Tosefta Pesahim

Based on the Kaufman manuscript: http://jnul.huji.ac.il/dl/talmud/mishna/selectmi.asp Click here for a PDF of the sources. משנה א ערב פסחים סמוך למנחה לא יאכל אדם עד שתחשך.  אפילו עני שבישראל לא יאכל עד שיסב. לא יפחתו לו מארבע כוסות של יין אפילו מן התמחוי: משנה ב מזגו לו כוס ראשון בית שמיי אומרים מברך על היום ואחר כך […]

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