Terumot, Chapter Eleven, Mishnah Four


Mishnah Four

The stems of fresh figs and dried figs, klisim and carobs of terumah are forbidden to non-priests.



The mishnah lists either parts of fruits or types of fruits that priests generally don’t care about, and yet still count as terumah and are therefore prohibited to non-priests.

The stems of fresh and dry figs are not really food, but since sometimes a person might eat them, they count as terumah.

Klisim are a type of fruit that comes from a large bush. Albeck identifies klisim as “prosopis stephaniana,” which you are welcome to google. According to Albeck they taste like carob. A priest is generally not going to bother preserving these foods in order to eat them, but since he might occasionally do so, they are prohibited to non-priests.