Terumot, Chapter 11, Mishnah 1

Terumot, Chapter Eleven, Mishnah One



Our mishnah teaches that a priest shouldn’t perform actions with terumah that causes it to be ruined.


Mishnah One

1)      One must not put a cake of pressed [terumah] figs or dried [terumah] figs into fish-brine, since it spoils them.

2)      But one may place [terumah] wine into fish brine. 

3)      One must not perfume the oil,

4)      But one may put honey and pepper into wine. 

5)      One may not boil terumah wine, because it decreases it. 

a)      Rabbi Judah permits this, because it improves it.



Section one: Occasionally they would put various types of figs into fish-brine in order to make the brine taste better. This, however, would cause the figs to be ruined, and hence one shouldn’t do so with terumah figs.

Section two: However, one may put terumah wine into the brine because the wine will be eaten along with the brine so it is not ruined.

Section three: One shouldn’t use terumah oil for making perfumes for two reasons. First of all, the oil stops being fit for eating. The second is that the spices will soak up the terumah oil and they will go to waste.

Section four: It is permitted to put honey and pepper into wine because they will still be eaten.

Section five: One shouldn’t boil terumah wine because boiling it decreases its volume. Rabbi Judah disagrees and holds that although this decreases the volume of the wine, it improves the quality.