Terumot, Chapter Ten, Mishnah Seven



This mishnah discusses hullin olives that were pickled together with terumah olives.


Mishnah Seven

1)      Olives of hullin which were pickled together with olives of terumah, whether it was a case where crushed [olives] of hullin [which were pickled together] with crushed [olives] of terumah, or crushed [olives] of hullin with whole [olives] of terumah, or with juice of terumah, they are forbidden.

2)      But if whole [olives] of hullin were pickled with crushed [olives] of terumah, they are permitted. 



Section one: If the hullin olives were crushed and then put in a mixture where there was any form of terumah olives, be they crushed or whole, or even if it is just juice that came from already pickled terumah olives, they must be treated like terumah and would be prohibited to non-priests. Since the hullin olives were crushed, they are susceptible to the taste of that which they are pickled with.

Section two: However, if the hullin olives are whole, then they are not susceptible to the taste and they are permitted, even if they were pickled with crushed terumah olives. In other words, whole olives may give off taste (see previous section), but whole olives are not susceptible to taste, at least according to our mishnah.