Terumot, Chapter Ten, Mishnah Three


Mishnah Three

One who removes warm bread from an oven and places it over an open barrel of terumah wine:

1)      Rabbi Meir says: it is forbidden.

2)      Rabbi Judah permits it.

3)      Rabbi Yose permits the bread of wheat but not of barley, because barley absorbs.



Section one: Rabbi Meir says that the warm bread absorbs enough taste from the wine such that the bread must be treated as terumah.

Section two: Rabbi Judah holds that the bread does not absorb the taste of the wine and therefore it retains its status as hullin.

Section three: Rabbi Yose distinguishes between barley bread, which is absorbent, and wheat bread which is not. I highly encourage people to perform this taste test at home, perhaps with some guests. Just don’t use terumah wine!