Tevul Yom, Chapter Two, Mishnah One


Mishnah One

1)      Liquids that come out of a tevul yom are like those which he has touched: neither of them causes defilement. 

2)      With regard to all others that are unclean, be they of minor  or major  [degree], the liquids that come out of them are like those they touch; both have first degree impurity. 

3)      Except for liquid that is a “father of impurity.”



Section one: Liquids that come out of a person include one’s spit and one’s urine. Our mishnah deals with the defiling power of such liquids. For a tevul yom, a person who has been to the mikveh but the sun has not yet set, those liquids are pure. They are like liquids that he touches and a tevul yom does not defile liquid such in order to give it first degree impurity.

We should note that while a tevul yom would disqualify terumah that he has touched, as we saw in yesterday’s chapter, he does not defile non-sacred produce.

Section two: In contrast, other people who are actually unclean, do defile liquids to give them first degree impurity and the liquids that come out of their body have first degree impurity. It doesn’t matter whether these people have high or low levels of impurity. The liquids that they touch or that come out of their body would defile food and vessels but they wouldn’t defile people.

Section three: The exception to this rule are the few cases where liquids that come out of a person are themselves considered to be “fathers of impurity.” This would include the spit or urine of a zav (see Zavim 5:7). Such liquids would even defile people and things.