Tevul Yom, Chapter Three, Mishnah Five


Mishnah Five

Vegetables of hullin were cooked with oil of terumah and a tevul yom touched it:

Rabbi Elazar ben Judah of Bartota says in the name of Rabbi Joshua: he has disqualified the whole thing.  

Rabbi Akiva says in his name: he disqualifies only the part that he touched.



This is a very similar mishnah to yesterday’s—similar debate, similar people arguing.

Rabbi Elazar holds that since the oil spread onto each vegetable, they are all disqualified. The vegetables, covered with the oil, now have the status of the oil.

Rabbi Akiva says that terumah oil that comes into contact with hullin vegetables does not give the vegetables the status of terumah. However, contact with the tevul yom does disqualify the vegetable that he touches because he might have touched oil. In other words, the oil and vegetables are not considered to have the same status but we do have to be concerned lest he actually touched terumah oil.