Toharot, Chapter Two, Mishnah Six



Today’s mishnah is the same as the previous two mishnayot except it discusses holy food, such as sacrifices. Again, the purity rules are one degree stricter.


Mishnah Six

1)      First, second and third [degrees of uncleanness] in holy foods are unclean and convey uncleanness;  

2)      Fourth [degree of uncleanness] is invalid and causes no uncleanness;

3)      And fifth [degree of uncleanness]   may be eaten in a dish containing holy food.



Section one: When it comes to holy food, even food with third degree uncleanness can convey impurity.

Section two: Food with fourth degree uncleanness is invalid but doesn’t convey uncleanness onward.

Section three: There is no such thing as fifth degree uncleanness. Such food can be eaten together with other holy food.