Midrash On The Exodus

Enhance your understanding of the Exodus and your retelling at the Seder by studying Midrash – early and later rabbinic teachings about the Exodus. Learn the story behind the story. Find out by the merit of which actions by righteous women we were redeemed. Learn the true nature of the waters that covered Pharoah and his army. Examine what really happened at theRed Seaand what the witnesses saw…and explore the meaning of all these teachings for our lives today.

Introduction To Midrash On The Exodus – Midrash On The Exodus

Video Introduction Welcome Welcome to Midrash on the Exodus! Our class is four classes and each will focus on a different theme. We’ll be studying Midrashim mainly from the Mechilta of Rabbi Yishmael, the earliest Midrash on Exodus, and from Shmot Rabbah, a later collection. We’ll also look at some Midrash that is found in the […]

Is God A Man Of War? – Midrash On The Exodus

Is G-d a Man of War?  All these sources are Midrashim from the Mechilta, the earliest Midrash on the book of Exodus.  These sources are analyzing Exodus 15:3.  Before studying the Midrash, look at the verse itself.  What problems and difficulties can you find in the verse?  Try to list as many as possible for […]

By The Merit Of Righteous Women – Midrashim On Women In The Exodus

By the Merit of Righteous Women We Were Redeemed from Egypt 1. מכילתא דרבי ישמעאל בשלח – מס’ דשירה בשלח פרשה י ותקח מרים הנביאה, וכי היכן מצינו שנביאה היתה מרים אלא שאמרה לאביה סופך אתה מוליד בן שמושיע את ישראל מיד מצרים מיד וילך איש מבית לוי ויקח וגו’ (שמות ב א) ותהר ותלד […]

Meaning Of Darkness – Midrash On The Exodus

Darkness – The Plague and its Meaning Review the brief text about the Plague: Exodus 10:21-23. If you can, read the text in Hebrew. Note any unusual words or constructions. Our first interpretive text for study is from the Wisdom of Solomon. This Greek-Jewish text is part of the Apocrypha, Greek additions to the Hebrew […]

Teshuvah, Reward And Punishment – Midrash On The Exodus

Teshuvah, Reward and Punishment in Parshat Beshalach מכילתא דרבי ישמעאל בשלח – מס’ דויהי בשלח פתיחתא ויהי בשלח, אין שלוח בכל מקום אלא לווי שנא’ ואברהם הולך עמם לשלחם (בראשית יח טז) וישלחם יצחק (שם /בראשית/ כו לא) הפה שאמר גם את ישראל לא אשלח (שמות ה ב) הוא הפה שאמר אנכי אשלח אתכם (שם […]

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