Psalms Of Hallel

What is the origin of our custom of reciting special Psalms on festivals and Rosh Hodesh? Why were Psalms 113-118 chosen for this purpose? In this class we will examine the Psalms of Hallel in detail and look at rabbinic texts explaining the place of Hallel in the Jewish year.

Psalms Of Jewish Litergy – Psalms Of Hallel

In this eight week course we will study the Psalms of Hallel and sources from the Mishna, Talmud and Halachic Codes to learn about the practice of reciting Hallel. Introduction To Psalms of Hallel Introduction To Study Process Psalms in Jewish Liturgy (Ashkenazic (European) tradition) Daily Shahrit (Morning Service)             Shir Shel Yom (Psalm of […]

Introduction To Hallel – Psalms Of Hallel

Hallel – Lesson I + PDF Background + Mishneh Torah + Abraham ben David Study Guide For Below Texts Study Guide For Class 1 The Origins of Hallel Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Pesachim 117a תלמוד בבלי מסכת פסחים דף קיז עמוד א אמר רב יהודה אמר שמואל: שיר שבתורה – משה וישראל אמרוהו בשעה שעלו מן […]

Psalm 113 – Psalms Of Hallel

Psalm 113  Class 1 Summary and Psalm 113 Introduction  Class Materials + Midrash On Verse 9 + Meaning of Root ע.ק.ר Study Guide 1. Activity –- Review the Hebrew or English text of the Psalm.  Which words in the Psalm refer to height or depth?   Look for repeated words or roots. How does repetition function […]

Psalm 114 – Psalms Of Hallel

Psalm 114 1.  Structure –- Review the Hebrew or English text of the Psalm.   All the verses in this Psalm exhibit parallelism.  Spend some time examining the parallels.  Are there differences in them? 2.  Setting and Biblical parallels – Which Biblical narratives or texts might be referred to in this Psalm?  (Answer this question before […]

Psalm 115 – Psalms Of Hallel

Psalm 115 Additional Sources + Brachot 35 (PDF) Study Guide 1.  Setting -– To whom is the Psalm directed?  Who is the speaker?  Who is the audience?  Note the references to different groups in verses 9-14.  Compare these to Psalm 135:19-20. 2.  Structure – This Psalm is divided and half of it (the first half, verses 1-11) […]

Psalm 116 – Psalms Of Hallel

Psalm 116 Additional Sources + The Abbreviated Hallel Sources + Yehuda HaLevi – My Heart Is In The East 1.  Structure – This Psalm is also broken up into two sections and the first section (verses 1-11) is omitted on Rosh Hodesh and the last six days of Pesach.  Examine the Psalm for connections between […]

Psalm 117 – Psalms Of Hallel

Psalm 117 1.  Psalm 117 is the shortest Psalm in the book of Psalms, with only two verses.  (There are some Psalms with 3 verses – 131, 133, 134.) Some manuscripts show Psalm 117 as part of Psalm 116 or 118.  How is Psalm 117 connected to Psalm 116 and 118?  Is it connected to […]

Psalm 118 – Psalms Of Hallel

Psalm 118 Part 1 1.  Reading exercise– Read through this whole Psalm in Hebrew or English as a poem.  (Try to consider the Psalm as a whole despite how it is broken up in liturgy.)  What themes, concepts or words hold the Psalm together?  Can you imagine a context in which this Psalm was recited? […]

How To Recite Hallel – Psalms Of Hallel

How to Recite Hallel Tosefta Sotah Chapter 6, Halacha 2 תוספתא מסכת סוטה (ליברמן) פרק ו הלכה ב דרש ר’ עקיבא בשעה שעלו ישראל מן הים בקשו לומ’ שירה שרת עליהן רוח הקדש ואמרו שירה כיצד אמרו שירה כקטן שקורא את ההלל בבית הסופר ועונין אחריו על כל עניין ועניין משה אמ’ אשירה לה’ וישראל […]

Origins Of Psalms Sources – Psalms Of Hallel

Rabbinic Sources on the Origins of Psalms 1. תלמוד בבלי מסכת בבא בתרא דף יד עמוד ב – דף טו עמוד א דוד כתב ספר תהלים ע”י עשרה זקנים: ע”י אדם הראשון, על ידי מלכי צדק, ועל ידי אברהם, וע”י משה, ועל ידי הימן, וע”י ידותון, ועל ידי אסף,ועל ידי שלשה בני קרח…. Talmud Bavli […]

Origins Of Psalms Study Sheet – Psalms Of Hallel

Origins of Psalms Study Sheet Biblical passages: I Chronicles 23:1-5, 24-32 I Chronicles 25:1-8 II Chronicles 30:21-22 Nehemiah 7:1-2, 73 Nehemiah 9:1-5 (and scan through verse 37) Questions to consider:  What is the role of the Levites in these passages?  What is the role of song and prayer in these passages?  What do you know […]

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