Vayetse 5776

November 20-21, 2015 – 9 Kislev 5776 Annual (Genesis 28:10-32:3): Etz Hayim p. 166; Hertz p. 106 Triennial (Genesis 31:17-32:3): Etz Hayim p. 181; Hertz p. 114 Haftarah (Hosea 12:13-14:10): Etz Hayim, p. 189; Hertz p. 118 Dreaming When Young and When Old By Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb, CY Faculty Maybe it wasn’t Che Guevara who […]

Vayetse 5777

Parashat Vayetse December 9-10, 2016 – 10 Kislev 5777 Annual (Genesis 28:10-32:3): Etz Hayim p. 166-187; Hertz p. 106-117 Triennial (Genesis 28:10-30:13): Etz Hayim p. 166-176; Hertz p. 106-111 Haftarah (Hosea 12:13-14:10): Etz Hayim p. 188-193; Hertz p. 118-121 PDF_Vayetse_5777 Jacob: A Story of Self Transformation Yardén Raber, CY Talmud Faculty Our forefathers are not […]

Torah Sparks

United Synagogue (USCJ) is proud and delighted to bring you Torah Sparks, with insights and learning materials on the Parsha (Torah portion) of the week. Torah Sparks is produced by the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Each week there will be a Dvar Torah - a discussion on some aspect of the reading, by CY faculty, alumni and friends; a Vort - a short thought from Chasidic rebbes or other thinkers about some point in the text; and Table Talk - questions to stimulate discussion on the Parsha around the Shabbat table. Torah Sparks is available here on the Conservative Yeshiva's Shiurim Online Beit Midrash website, as well as by subscription to weekly graphical emails.