We all know Abraham, but how much thought have we given to the people that surround him?  These secondary characters can be fascinating in their own right.  They also give us a vivid sense of the environment that Abraham functioned in, the challenges he faced, the events that he shaped and that shaped him.

Who was around Abraham?  The family he grew up in, Sarah his wife and Hagar – the other, Lot his nephew, the kings near and far, Ishmael, and his servant are all part of the world surrounding Abraham.  We will spend a session on each one, but there will naturally be some overlap.

So, how does this work?

Our joint venture – Torah learning is significantly enhanced when we all participate.  If we share ideas and questions with each other, the class will be a lot more interesting and enriching. Nothing needs to be brilliant or long – just share a thought!

Text – The Hebrew text of the narrative is an integral part of its content.  However, you are welcome to use any translation that you are comfortable with.  If we are studying language-sensitive issues, the Hebrew will be accompanied by an English translation (if the English is “funny,” it is just to try to bring it in line with the Hebrew, as needed).

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