Zavim, Chapter Five, Mishnah Seven


Mishnah Seven

1)      If one touches the discharge of a zav, his spittle, semen or urine, or the blood of a menstruant, he conveys uncleanness at two [removes], and disqualifies [terumah] at one [more remove];

2)      If he separated,   he defiles at one [remove] and disqualifies [terumah] at one [more remove].

3)      This is the case whether he had touched or moved it.

a)      Rabbi Eliezer said: also if he had carried it.



Section one: Liquids from a zav’s body, including his genital discharge, his spit, his semen and his urine defile as does the zav himself. They make one who touches or moves them into a “father of impurity.”

Section two: Once he separates from the source of impurity, he has first degree impurity.

Section three: These substances defile only through contact and shifting. They do not, according to the first opinion, defile by carrying or by being carried. Rabbi Eliezer disagrees and holds that they do defile one who carries them. This was the same dispute that Rabbi Eliezer had with the sages in mishnah three.